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franz christian boll inspired wilhelm kuhne (Franz Christian Boll)
friedrich august kekule knew wilhelm kuhne (Friedrich August Kekulé von Stradonitz)
rudolf carl virchow assistant was wilhelm kuhne (Rudolf Virchow)
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It was in Berlin that Kuhne's interest in nerve and muscle physiology developed, through his introduction to the frog sartorius muscle which, with its nerve-free end and unique arrangement of muscle fibres, he used in a number of key experiments. (Details)
At the University of Gottingen, Kuhn studied chemistry under Friedrich Whole, physics under Wilhelm Weber, anatomy under Henle, and physiology under Rudolph Wagner. (Details)
D. with a thesis on induced diabetes in frogs, and stayed another year at Gottingen as an assistant in Wagner's Physiological Institute, then went for a brief period to the University of Jena, where he worked on diabetes and sugar metabolism. (Details)
He made a number of important contributions to the development of physiological chemistry.
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experimental biologist
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wilhelm kuhne taught by wilhelm weber (Wilhelm Eduard Weber)
wilhelm kuhne knew rudolf carl virchow (Rudolf Virchow)
wilhelm kuhne worked with ernst wilhelm von brucke (Ernst Wilhelm von Brücke)


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