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Flickr_Friday_October_2009_9 by Flickr user madmarv00 The odd couple by Flickr user Elsie esq. odd couple by Flickr user digitizedchaos odd couple by Flickr user istolethetv Odd couple.....( rose ringed parakeet(male) with plum-headed parakeet(female) by Flickr user Archit Ratan Photography the odd couple by Flickr user chadmagiera the odd couple by Flickr user theogeo The odd couple by Flickr user inkiboo Apollo 9 Astronaut Rusty Schweickart Wants to Save the Earth by Flickr user jurvetson Couple 19 Motel, someday... Maybe I can stay here too!  This was too appealing to pass up, I had to turn around and get off the highway to get a shot of this little gem! ;) by Flickr user gogoloopie Mary and Harry, a Couple of Creepy Dolls by Flickr user Rod Ash The Eldery Couple by Flickr user Alex E. Proimos Whitgift School - CB40 - Surrey v Hants - May 2011 - Candid Girl Putting Her Best Foot Forward by Flickr user gareth1953 Alive and Well and Much Better Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! by Flickr user Suzie T