T-38 Talon


Comparable Aircraft
Used By
Portuguese Air Force
Aircraft type
Advanced trainer

Aircraft model

Number built
Unit cost
756,000 (756,000, US$, 1961)
Northrop T-38A
Northrop T-38C
Northrop T-38M ARI
Designed by
1982 Thunderbirds Indian Springs Diamond Crash
T-38 Talon Columbus Air Force Base 2008 crash
T-38 Talon Edwards Air Force Base 2009 crash

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Freebase CC-BY
Source: T-38 Talon on Freebase licensed under CC-BY
T-38.jpg by Freebase Northrop_T-38A_Talon_USAF.jpg by Freebase T-38_Talon_in_flight.jpg by Freebase T-38 Talon Trainer by Flickr user ewen and donabel Best of the U.S. Air Force - Department of Defense Image Collection - September 1998 by Flickr user expertinfantry Northrop T-38 Talon by Flickr user http2007 T-38 Talon by Flickr user Rennett Stowe Northrop T-38 Talon by Flickr user Armchair Aviator T-38 Talon by Flickr user david_shane june 25th 493c by Flickr user striatic Jet..  What Kind? Northrop T-38 Talon (Thanks GustavoMaia for I.D.) by Flickr user thefixer The Little Freedom Fighter by Flickr user Jamesongravity 100226-F-2729L-022 by Flickr user Air Combat Command Talon by Flickr user Ese-emon