Sonoma County

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HUD Section 8 Area
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Santa Rosa CityBus
Sonoma County Transit
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HUD Foreclosure Area

Household Count
Estimated Number of Foreclosures
Estimated Number of Mortgages
90-Day Vacant Residential Addresses
Total Residential Addresses
BLS Unemployment Rate (%)
0.055 (2008)
OFHEO Price Change (%)
-0.199 (2008)

Newspaper circulation area

Sonoma Index Tribune

Wine Sub-region


Administrative Division

Santa Rosa (County seat)

Filming location

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Statistical region

299,681 (United States Census Bureau, Population, 1980)
308,609 (United States Census Bureau, Population, 1981)
314,636 (United States Census Bureau, Population, 1982)
CO2 emissions - total
0.864 (2007)
CO2 emissions - residential
0.116 (2007)
CO2 emissions - commercial
0.015 (2007)
CO2 emissions - industrial
0.035 (2007)
CO2 emissions - mobile
0.674 (2007)
50th percentile rent - 0 br
898 (2009, US$)
50th percentile rent - 1 br
1087.0 (2009, US$)
50th percentile rent - 2 br
1359.0 (2009, US$)
50th percentile rent - 3 br
1979.0 (2009, US$)
50th percentile rent - 4 br
2,299 (2009, US$)
Unemployment Rate
2007-01-01 (4.5)
2006-12-01 (3.7)
2007-02-01 (4.3)

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-122.769 × 38.44
Contained by
4,579 km² (1768 mi²)
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