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"for their discovery of cosmic microwave background radiation" (1978, Nobel Prize in Physics, Arno Allan Penzias)

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"for their discovery of cosmic microwave background radiation" (1978, Cosmic microwave background radiation, Arno Allan Penzias)


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At university Wilson switched from electrical engineering to physics and when he graduated in 1957 was offered places at MIT and Caltech. (Details)
At Caltech he was taught cosmology by the British astronomer, Fred Hoyle, who was one of the scientists who supported the Steady State theory of the origin of the universe. (Details)
The Steady State theory assumed that the universe had always existed, had not changed significantly over time and although always expanding was kept at a constant density by the creation of matter between the galaxies. (Details)
Together with Arno Penzias, discovered evidence of the background radiation of the universe.
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