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Breakfast Cereal Flavor


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Cocktail Garnish

Cocktails with this garnish

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Active moiety of formulation

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Drugs with this flavor
Phenytoin 125 suspension (United States of America, no, 2004-04-08, Phenytoin 25 suspension, 2012-02-09, Orange,, ANDA040521, Taro Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., yes, 51672-4069)
Potassium Bicarbonate Eff 25 effervescent tablet (United States of America, no, 2006-01-06, Potassium bicarbonate 25 effervescent tablet, 2011-11-07, Orange, Circle, 25, 2, T,, Physicians Total Care, 54868-0355)
Cholestyramine 4 powder for suspension (United States of America, no, 2005-09-15, Cholestyramine 0.444 powder for suspension, 2011-05-16,, ANDA077204, Par Pharmaceutical, yes, 49884-465)

Pipe tobacco component

Pipe tobaccos with this component


Nutrients per 100g
Carbohydrate (11.75)
Niacin (0)
Protein (0.94)
USDA Equivalent
Energy per 100g
197 kJ
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