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Marco Polo's account provides a unique picture of Asia in the thirteenth century.
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marco polo influenced paolo dal pozzo toscanelli (influenced, Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli)
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paolo dal pozzo toscanelli studied writings of marco polo (Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli)
martin behaim a resource was marco polo (Martin Behaim)
prince henry the navigator read account by marco polo (Henry the Navigator)
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When Marco was around seventeen years old, he accompanied his father and uncle when they set off on a second journey to China and Kublai Khan's court. (Details)
It took them three and half years to reach China and scholars are still trying to work out the route they took. (Details)
They probably went via Tabriz (in what is now north Iran and was then the pearl capital of the world) across brigand-infested desert to the fertile plain full of date palms, orange groves and pomegranate trees which led to Hormuz on the Persian Gulf. (Details)

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