Lehman Brothers


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Place founded
Board members
745 SEVENTH AVENUE (LEHMAN BROTHERS, New York City, 10,019, New York)
Lehman Re Ltd (2006, 2007, 2008)

Ranked item

Appears in ranked lists
Fortune 1000 (37, 2008)
Fortune 1000 (62, 2006)
Fortune 500 (88, 2000)
Fortune 1000 (47, 2007)

Originator of Jewish Studies Collection

Lehman Brothers Records

Business Operation

Net profit
1,132,000,000 (2000, US$)
4,007,000,000 (2007, US$)
Operating Income
35747000000.0 (2006-11-30, US$)

Non-profit organization

46709000000.0 (2006-11-30, US$)
18989000000.0 (2000, US$)
46709000000.0 (2007, US$)

BV: Venture Investor

Investment Round
Series D (38,000,000, Alta Partners, Apax Partners, Burrill & Company, Clarus Ventures, NGN Capital, ProQuest Investments, 2009-04-07, Aerovance, US$, www.aerovance.com)
Series C (60,000,000, Alta Partners, Apax Partners, Burrill & Company, NGN Capital, 2006-05-04, Aerovance, US$)
Series B (32,000,000, Apax Partners, Burrill & Company, NGN Capital, 2004-08-23, Aerovance, US$)

Venture Investor

Venture Investments

Defunct Organization

Reason for ceasing operations
Ceased Operations


Employees and other personnel
? (Stewart A. Gollmer, 1998)
Managing Director, Private Equity (Brian K. Paul, 1999)
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