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Source: Kuiper belt object on Freebase licensed under CC-BY
Kuiper Belt object (KBO) by Flickr user tonynetone New horizons - Pluto and the Kuiper Belt by Flickr user tonynetone Hubble Finds Smallest Kuiper Belt Object by Flickr user sammydavisdog Dust Simulations Paint Alien's View of the Solar System [HD Video] by Flickr user NASA Goddard Photo and Video 9 of Matter: The Planet Garden by Flickr user Arenamontanus Hubble Discovers a Fifth Moon Orbiting Pluto by Flickr user NASA Goddard Photo and Video Fifth moon oribiting Pluto by Flickr user tonynetone Pluto is a Weenie by Flickr user maveric2003 PLUTO PLANET by Flickr user tonynetone