Kingdom of Sicily

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Syditalien_vid_den_normandiska_erövringen.jpg by Freebase The cloister of Monreale #8 by Flickr user Chiara Marra An Excessively Rare and Magnificent Greek Gold Stater of Syracuse (Sicily), Struck by King Pyrrhus of Epirus During his Abortive Sicilian Expedition, Exceptional Depictions of Athena and Nike in Gold by Flickr user Ancient Art A Rare and Exceptional Greek Silver Tetradrachm of Syracuse (Sicily), Attributed to the Master of the Large Head by Flickr user Ancient Art Vaporetto by Flickr user PAVDW Maltese Flags; Fort St. Angelo by Flickr user foxypar4 Calabria by Flickr user tonynetone Southern Italy 2010 - 010.jpg by Flickr user David Ooms Turkish graveyard, Rhodes by Flickr user David Spender Reflected Maltese Flag - Upper Barrakka Gardens, Valletta by Flickr user foxypar4 The Handshake of Teano by Flickr user liquene