Compatible Operating Systems
Mac OS X v10.3.9 (Mac OS)
Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Microsoft Windows)
? (Windows 7)
Latest Version
First Released
Software Genre
Media player
Ringtone maker


Latest Release Date
Protocols Used
Digital Audio Access Protocol

Video Game Distribution System

Games distributed

Application Related to Faceted Browsing

application domain
application environment
Desktop environment
offers feature support
Multiple selected values are OR-connected. (yes, Nobody, 8.2, General Multiple Selection)
Selection of ranges by SHIFT-clicking in the selection forms. (yes, Nobody, 8.2, General Range Selection)
String search is applied to all facets together and skips other facet restrictions as soon as no result would appear when combining it. (Nobody, 8.2, Integration of String Search)
offers widget support
Only standard selection form widgets. (yes, Nobody, 8.2, Selection Form)
offers result view support
Grid (User, 8.2)
CoverFlow (User, 8.2)
Table (User, 8.2)


Website category
Online music streaming services
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