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henrietta swan leavitt work related to carl august von steinheil (Carl August von Steinheil)
henrietta swan leavitt work related to johann karl friedrich zollner (Johann Karl Friedrich Zöllner)
henrietta swan leavitt work related to friedrich bessel (Friedrich Bessel)
henrietta swan leavitt influenced edwin powell hubble (influenced, Edwin Hubble)
Connections to
friedrich bessel work related to henrietta swan leavitt (Friedrich Bessel)
johann karl friedrich zollner work related to henrietta swan leavitt (Johann Karl Friedrich Zöllner)
edwin powell hubble work related to henrietta swan leavitt (Edwin Hubble)
carl august von steinheil his techniques used by henrietta swan leavitt (Carl August von Steinheil)
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In 1893, Leavitt left Harvard and spent two years travelling before returning to the Harvard College Observatory in 1895, where she worked as a volunteer research assistant in the programme on the measurement of stellar magnitudes. (Details)
Apart from periods of absence due to ill health, Leavitt spent the rest of her life at Harvard, where she was ultimately appointed head of the department of photographic stellar photometry (the measurement, using photography, of the brightness of stars (Details)
In 1913 her system of the north polar sequence was adopted by the International Committee on Photographic Magnitudes for its projected astrographic map of the sky. (Details)
Her discovery was used by subsequent astronomers for calculating the distances from the earth of similar stars within our own galaxy and in distant galaxies.
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