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Source: Google Search on Freebase licensed under CC-BY
Google_screenshot.png by Freebase Google.png by Freebase Google.png by Freebase Google_web_search.png by Freebase Google "one click search" by Flickr user Piutus Google Search Coupon: 1 FREE Google Search by Flickr user Bramus! How to Try the New Google Search by Flickr user shannonpatrick17 Google Classic: Please Allow 30 Days for your Search Results by Flickr user dullhunk Google Universal Search: Old Local OneBox by Flickr user dannysullivan Bacon Bra; Google Search "bacon" (information via by Flickr user playerx Google Universal Search: Blended Video by Flickr user dannysullivan 2009.09.16 workers compensation california hearing what to expect - Google Search_1253161331571 by Flickr user playerx 090808 DeSoto Automobile Google Search by Flickr user bsabarnowl How to add Search results to Google Wave by Flickr user Ivan Walsh Google Product Search Result On Google by Flickr user dannysullivan