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Giuseppe Verdi, official site. this site, which is powered by Verdi's own foundation pretty much fills all the possible settings for links. it has discografia, a biography part, pictures from operas, librettos and even a download/streaming section. wh (
Giuseppe Verdi, sito ufficiale. Questo sito, curato dalla Fondazione Verdi, contiene in pratica tutte le risorse per effettuare dei collegamenti alle informazioni. Ci sono la discografia, una sezione biografica, foto dalle opere, libretti e pure una sezio (
Tracks Recorded
La donna é mobile (Juan Diego Florez) (La donna é mobile (Juan Diego Florez), 143.106)
Rigoletto: Questa o Quella (Plácido Domingo) (Rigoletto: Questa o Quella (Plácido Domingo), 112.213)
Act I. Scene 1: Alta cagion v'aduna (Aida (Chorus and Orchestra of the Opera House, Rome feat. conductor: Tullio Serafin) (disc 1), Act I. Scene 1: Alta cagion v'aduna, 360.76)

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Margherita Barezzi
Virginia Verdi
Icilio Verdi
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Verdi's operas are one among the few that have remained part of the standard reparatory. They are distinguished by dramatic staging and singing, and the large number of arias, choruses, and numbers.
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Verdi was a precociously talented child and was already performing the organ at his local church at age nine. (Details)
In 1831 he went to live with the local merchant and musical patron Antonio Barezzi. (Details)
A year later, he applied for admission to the Milan conservatory and was rejected. (Details)


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Villa Verdi (1901, 1948)
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