F-15 Eagle


Used By
19.4 m (21.2 yd)
Aircraft type
Air superiority fighter
Comparable Aircraft

Aircraft model

1983 Negev mid-air collision
F-15 Eagle East China Sea 2011 crash
F-15s Gulf of Mexico 2008 collision
Passenger Capacity
1 × 1
Number built
2007 (1198)
Engine Type
Pratt & Whitney F100
F-15 Streak Eagle
F-15C Eagle

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Freebase CC-BY
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USAF_F15.jpg by Freebase F-15_over_florida.jpg by Freebase Japan_Air_Self_Defense_Force_F-15.jpg by Freebase F-15 Eagle by Flickr user Gregory Moine F-15 Eagle USAF Mildenhall Airshow by Flickr user spencer77 USAF F-15 Eagle by Flickr user Kingbob.net Oregon Guard F-15 takes off by Flickr user The National Guard F-15 Strike Eagle by Flickr user Undertow851 090308-F-0986R-416 by Flickr user Air Combat Command