Organism Classification

Scientific name
Canis lupus familiaris
Higher classification
Lower classifications
Synonym scientific name
Canis familiaris domesticus
Canis lupus dingo
Canis lupus familiaris
Organisms of this type
Child Classifications

Pet with medical condition

Diseases and other conditions of this pet
Allergic Dermatitis in animals
Anal sac disease
Canine Pyoderma



Cryptid alternative

Possible cryptid source

Meaning of notable word



Sold to

Pet Apparel User

Kind of Pet Apparel
Pet Apparel
Pet Apparel Company

Hybrid parent classification


Food-web member

Eaten by

Domesticated animal


First Achievement Category


Influence Node

Influenced By
Pet adoption

Film subject

Films On This Subject

Art Subject

Artwork on the Subject
Art Series on the Subject

Character Species

Characters of This Species
Alfonzo Dominico Jones
Found in fictional universe

Quotation Subject

Quotations About This Subject

Common sense organism



Domesticated for how many years

Literature Subject

Works Written About This Topic
Musical compositions about this topic
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