Dark Season


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I Can't Hold Any Longer! by Flickr user thienzieyung Christmas tree in Dublin @ heart of the City! Enjoy the magic! by Flickr user UggBoy?UggGirl [ PHOTO // WORLD // TRAVEL ] Moving And Rolling Into Butterworth by Flickr user thienzieyung Rain Coming Over Georgetown by Flickr user thienzieyung Corporate Sunset 91508 by Flickr user Rebecca L. Daily corporate construction invading the green environment by Flickr user photoloni Old House_DSC4369 by Flickr user Brainedge Blizzard night_DSC4007 by Flickr user Brainedge Blizzard night_DSC4018 by Flickr user Brainedge Here goes the dark clouds... by Flickr user Diego3336 Dark Clouds Passing Above BKI by Flickr user thienzieyung Travis Singing With His Band Malice in the Dark by Flickr user Team Traveller Lati Yellow FunFun Season 1 Cookie Head Closeup by Flickr user thepeachpeddler [ Staying in FOCUS = 2 = in the HEART of the CITY ] @ The Four Seasons Hotel Marunouchi, Tokyo, Japan by Flickr user UggBoy?UggGirl [ PHOTO // WORLD // TRAVEL ] Pedestrian safety: Use retroreflectors in the dark by Flickr user mrjorgen