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County Seat
HUD Section 8 Area
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Island Group

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Postal codes

Capital of administrative division

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Contained by
United States, with Territories
30.1 km² (11.6 mi²)
Time zone(s)
People born here
Nearby airports
-65.29 × 18.317

HUD Foreclosure Area

BLS Unemployment Rate (%)
0.067 (2008)
Household Count
Estimated Number of Foreclosures
Estimated Number of Mortgages
90-Day Vacant Residential Addresses
Total Residential Addresses

Statistical region

2002 (United States Census Bureau, Population, 1882)
2000 (United States Census Bureau, Population, 1868)
2010 (United States Census Bureau, Population, 1818)
50th percentile rent - 0 br
375 (2009, US$)
50th percentile rent - 1 br
405 (2009, US$)
50th percentile rent - 2 br
451 (2009, US$)
50th percentile rent - 3 br
597 (2009, US$)
50th percentile rent - 4 br
638 (2009, US$)
Unemployment Rate
2008-07-01 (6.8)
2008-08-01 (7.3)
2008-09-01 (6.4)
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