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partch (Click, It's a Wonderful Life, Pay It Forward, Oingo Boingo, Edward Partch, Anaheim, Denver, 1968-11-13)

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New Computer desk by Flickr user karindalziel Stealth Computer (except for the dang printers) by Flickr user TexasDarkHorse Jeffys computers by Flickr user jefzila computer art by Flickr user visual velocity pc Rocket Flight Computer Readout by Flickr user jurvetson Computer by Flickr user marylandfan7101 The New Computer History Museum Exhibition by Flickr user jurvetson Computer Freakout 5 by Flickr user davco9200 computer lab 2 by Flickr user gurneyh Computer Space by Flickr user Pargon computer shop by Flickr user Paul Keller Computer Case Key by Flickr user Collin Allen computer room: view 3 by Flickr user blakespot Computer Keyboard - stock photo by Flickr user espensorvik