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Johnny Depp (Man Ray)
Joel Z. Hyatt (Newsworld International)

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Gallery Co-owner and Photographer Victoria Schmitt (L) and artist photographer Bob Canepa by Flickr user mikebaird Wild Birds Unlimted, Mesa, co-owner Dave Covey (l. w/store staff) co-hosted the Desert Rivers Audubon Mobile App Launch Party, Saturday, September 22nd. by Flickr user Desert Rivers Audubon The Kernel and Xbeeriment @ Copenhagen Beer Celebration by Flickr user Bernt Rostad Cask lambic by Flickr user Bernt Rostad Drikkeriget Sour & Bitter 2012 by Flickr user Bernt Rostad Baked co-owners with their new book by Flickr user Rachel from Cupcakes Take the Cake with Chichi, co-owner of My Coffee and the convenience store on the B1 level by Flickr user ctsnow Yahtzee Croshaw, Mana Bar co-owner, at its opening, Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 100320 by Flickr user David Jackmanson H. Wayne Huizenga's House by Flickr user clyderob