Cen Yuying

Deceased Person

Date of death
1889 A.D.


Spouse (or domestic partner)
Four Spouses: Jiang, Lai, Tang and Zhou.
Brothers: Cen Yuxiang, Cen Yubao (aka: Sam Yuk Po or Shum Yuk Po), and Cen Yuqi. He also had three sisters.
Cen Xiuqi (Grandfather)
Cen Cansong (aka: Cen Cangsong, Cen Heting) (father).
Seven Sons: Cen Chunrong, Cen Chunxu, Cen Chunxuan, Cen Chunhua, Cen Chunming (aka: Cen Chun-Min), Cen Chunxi, and Cen Chunyin. Other Relatives: Cen Chunnoong, Cen Chunjun, Sam Wah Yoin (aka: Cen Yu___ ), and Sam Wah Hing (aka: Sam Yuk Kue, Sam Po, Cen Y
Date of birth
1829 A.D.
Place of birth
Xilin, Guangxi, China.
Country of nationality
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