Bank of America


Bank of opportunity
Higher Standards
Legal structure
Date founded
? (John Thain, Pres Glbl Bkg Sec & Wlth Mgmt, 2009)
Chief Executive Officer (Brian T. Moynihan, President and CEO, 2009, 2010-01-01)
? (Joe L. Price, Chief Financial Officer, 2009)
Retained Earnings
73823000000.0 (2008-12-31, US$)


Place founded
Organization locations
Previous names
North Carolina National Bank
Bank of Italy (1904)
Organizations acquired
MBNA (2005)
LaSalle Bank (2007-10)
Board members
Robert W. Frick (1988, Vice Chair)
Frank P. Bramble (2006-01)
100 North Tryon St., 18th Fl (Charlotte, 28,255, North Carolina)
Product of merger
Phone number

Ranked item

Appears in ranked lists
Fortune 1000 (11, 2009)
Fortune 1000 (9, 2008)
Fortune 1000 (12, 2006)

Business Operation

Net profit
14980000000.0 (2007, US$)
14982000000.0 (2007-12-31, US$)
21133000000.0 (2007, US$)
Total Assets
1,817,943,000,000 (2008-12-31, US$)
Total Liabilities
1,640,891,000,000 (2008-12-31, US$)
Competitive space
Retail Banking
Operating Income
23010000000.0 (2007-12, US$)
14982000000.0 (2008, US$)



Non-profit organization

119,190,000,000 (2007, US$)
117,017,000,000 (2007, US$)
51392000000.0 (2000, US$)
119,190,000,000 (2008, US$)

Exhibition sponsor

Exhibitions sponsored


Number of employees
206,587 (2007)
209,718 (2008-02-28)
210,000 (2007)
Employees and other personnel
Global Chief Information Security Officer (Rhonda MacLean, 1996, 2005)
CFO, World Banking Group (Robert W. Frick)
Managing Director, BankAmerica International (Robert W. Frick)

Organization leader

Governance of
BlackRock (Director)


Bank of America Championship

Architectural structure owner

Structures Owned
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